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Why Choose Wordpress?

  • Very Flexible
  • Fast Development
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Search Engine Magnet
  • Easy to Manage and Publish Content
  • Many site themes to choose from



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Test Wordpress out for yourself

Login and see how easy managing your Wordpress website could be, from adding new plugins, updating text, adding a video or creating forms.

Url: http://demo.tagglefish.com/wp-admin/

Username: taggle

Password: admin001


Main Benefits of Upgrading to Wordpress CMS

Our clients say

"wordpress has really worked miracles for my business. I own a local moving company in the Washington D.C area. My wordpress has become my business in the cloud"

Corey Roberts, districtrelocators.com

"Im a local printing company and a three man show. becasue of being undestaff and financed, we needed a model that could help scale our business. We felt Wordpress CMS could add those extra layers of featurs and SEO benefits. "

Aaron Johnson, unitees.com

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